Box Out Lacrosse 1

Sport Resource Group was happy to help out with the first-ever Box-Out Lacrosse Tournament held in July 2013! Hundreds of lacrosse players from across New England flooded into the five fields set up at Yale University’s Reese Stadium to play 30-minute games of 5 v 5 lacrosse.

Get a glimpse of the tournament by watching this video provided by

Typically called “box” lacrosse when the sport is played indoors with walls, Yale University Men’s Lacrosse Coach, Andy Shay, created this “Box-Out” idea by placing numerous ProWall® Rink Systems side-by-side in order to have several teams and games playing at the same site all at once. And his idea was a success! As participants came off the fields, many stated it was like nothing they had ever experienced before and they couldn’t wait for the next game to start!


Don’t miss your chance to get in on the action! The next Box-Out tournament is scheduled for Sunday, October 27th. For more information on how Box-Out works, details on future tournaments, locations and more log on to Details are also available by contacting Andy directly at [email protected] or by calling (203) 314-8436.

SRG’s ProWall Rink Systems are a fast and easy option to adapt an indoor game to an outdoor setting! We’ve seen this done for sports like soccer and hockey for years, and just recently, lacrosse has started to be played outdoors. For more information on how our ProWall Rink Systems can bring indoor games to an outdoor setting, click here: