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The hottest sport in North America is lacrosse. It has a rich history. There is no better way to perfect your game than bringing our box lacrosse boards system to your league or community. With the versatility of our portable ProWall System, you can set up and disassemble a box lacrosse rink in less than an hour! With the durability offered by our box lacrosse walls, you can also put it up and leave it up in the hot sun or ice cold temperatures year-round.

Our proprietary product called ProWall is chosen by lacrosse programs and schools across the country. It is also used for training by collegiate programs including Yale, the US Naval Academy, and also professional organizations including New England Black Wolves. Why? Because ProWall is long-lasting, portable, and reconfigurable making it a versatile product designed to combine the best traits of the traditional dasher board system with those of a newer, modular system. Made of durable, rotationally-molded plastic, it is the best lacrosse field restraining box system on the market.

What is Box Lacrosse, and how is it different from field Lacrosse?

There is growing research and evidence stating that box lacrosse (i.e., playing inside a wall system) develops the best players. Why? Some of the best college and pro players in America have come from Canada, where they practiced playing lacrosse inside a melted down ice rink in the Spring and Summer. Practicing drills this way leads to a very quick reaction time. Lacrosse coaches in the US are now trying to duplicate the box lacrosse field setup outdoors here in America. Read more on this post about the differences between box and field lacrosse.

Box Lacrosse Case Study:
Sport Resource Group & San Diego Seals Create Portable Box Lacrosse System in Pechanga Arena Lot.

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FAQ’s: Here are some of the most common questions we receive-

What is the Box Lacrosse field size and dimensions?

Size (length x width) – while most customers choose a full size box system which is 180’ x 84’, some have also chosen the professional size of 200’ x 84’. Many others have chosen smaller systems. These smaller rink systems such as 100’ x 50’, 120’ x 60’ and even 140’ x 70’ can be used for smaller-sided games, such as 4×4 or 5×5, and can also be used for training.

The most important aspect of sizing is the length-to-width ratio of 2-to-1 or 2.5-to-1. If you start small, you’re not limited. It’s typical for customers who order smaller systems to add on at a later date, and this is easy to do using our modular and versatile product. Our box systems can be configured in any size. Just make sure your length and width sections are even numbers, and you’re set!


How portable are outdoor box lacrosse walls, and what about storage if we don’t use year round?

Storage capacity – the biggest factor in storage is obviously how large of a system you purchase. A typical (official size) system of 180’ x 80’ will fit in a 40 ft storage container as long as it is a “high cube” container. The entry/door should be able to accommodate 94” of height. The panels can be stored on the same pallets that they arrive on. The 2 ft. portable bracing panels store locked together and stacked two-high. However, a storage container is not necessary. ProWall can be stored outdoors in any temperature, but we do recommend using a tarp if the panels are going to be exposed to the elements just to help keep the panels clean.


Can we use the lacrosse boards as a temporary setup, or is it permanent?

The short answer: Both! You can easily use our system as either a temporary or permanent solution depending upon your needs and space requirements. There are three methods typically used for installation, and we can provide you with all the details for each depending upon your desired situation. Just know that the field system can be as temporary or as permanent as you wish to make it.


Box Lacrosse Boards for Sale: What is the Price?

We are always happy to discuss the best size for your needs, and give you a quick price estimate by phone. As a quick price reference, you can use $80 per linear foot for our most common color (natural/white) and $85 per linear foot for custom colors. These prices include the ProWall panels, gates (2 per system), anchoring (customer’s choice of portable or permanent or semi-permanent) and choice of corner configuration.


What if I also want upper containment? Do you recommend netting?

Some of our customers choose upper containment options, but they are not necessary or required. You can choose from 78” high black mesh netting above end and corner boards only (for 10 ft 0 in total containment), 78” high black mesh netting above all boards (for 10 ft in total containment), 48” high acrylic above end and corner boards only (for 7 ft 6 in total containment) or 48” high acrylic above all boards (for 7 ft 6 in total containment). If you’re unsure, just ask! We can help you decide on what is best based upon your desired goals.

Upper containment is priced as $15 per linear foot (78” high netting; 10 ft in total containment), $55 per linear foot (48” high acrylic; 7 ft 6 in total containment). All upper containment includes PVC posts, hardware, clips, screws and more. Our ProWall-ICE product for 32 degrees or below is available at a higher price.

Ask about our box lacrosse special which features a medium-sized ProWall System, upper containment netting above ends and corners only, delivered for $35,000!


Who else is using your lacrosse rink system?

Our boards system is used all across the country by many teams, but here is a short sample. The New England Black Wolves (NLL professional team), Yale University Men’s Lacrosse team (2018 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse National Champions), U.S. Naval Academy Men’s Lacrosse team and many high school and club teams. We hope you’re next!


How Long does it take to set up the box lacrosse field?

Our rink system is very easy to setup, and if you run into trouble, we can help coach you through it. On average, our portable box lacrosse field will take about two hours to assemble for the first time. This is obviously dependent on how many people are helping.

Permanent installation and upper containment will take a bit longer for installation, but less than a full day. Upper containment does take a little bit of additional time, but just like with the wall system, once you have set up your upper containment once, the learning curve is pretty simple and more efficient should you have to remove this portion from time-to-time.

Box Lacrosse Testimonial:

My name is Mike Radecki, I’ve been playing and coaching lacrosse for about five years now. From the moment I took hold of a lacrosse stick I fell in love with the sport and community within lacrosse itself.

Lacrosse for me, and I know for many of my friends wasn’t the easiest sport to pick up on. You have to learn the rules, functions and systems of the sport along with the largest portion of the sport, being able to handle a lacrosse stick.

Athleticism wasn’t an issue for me as a lacrosse player, it was the ability to catch, throw and cradle with my lacrosse stick that really made things difficult. Blessed with incredible coaches and mentors I was able to get better every day, but it wasn’t until I started playing box lacrosse that gave me the ability to truly practice and master my stick skills.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t introduced to box lacrosse until my third year of playing lacrosse, but once I started playing box I was forced to catch and throw in tight spaces with only a second or two before getting checked by the defense man.

Box lacrosse allows lacrosse players to improve stick skills immensely year round and evidently passing right onto field lacrosse. I heard one of my coaches in college the other day talking about how obvious it is when players come from playing box at a young age or even just for a season over the summer.

As the sport of lacrosse continues to grow rapidly in the Midwest, more and more players will create competition that will only boost the drive for athletes to get better everyday.

In order for this to happen there’s going to be a demand for more field space and box space, and the perfect solution to more box lacrosse arenas in the Midwest is one of SRG’s top sellers the ProWall Box Lacrosse Systems.

In only a matter of hours the whole system can be set up and ready to play, both inside and outside. Young players everywhere will have the opportunity to become not good, but great lacrosse players.

Next Steps?

If you are considering box lacrosse for your team or organization, and simply want to ask some questions, we’re here to help. Give us a call today for a no-pressure chat as you weigh your options and discuss possible solutions with your players or staff.

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