We Sell Hockey Rink Boards

For decades, we have served customers across North America with high-quality, durable, long-lasting, and easy to setup hockey boards. Some of our customers include professional organizations, but many more are schools, camps, YMCA’s, recreation centers, and neighborhood parks. We love to build walls that bring people together, especially when it comes to playing hockey.

If you have questions about the best hockey rink to buy for your situation, shop below or get in touch. We are here to help!

The Best Hockey Rink Boards:



Incredible ease of setup and re-sizing.


Regulation-height hockey boards for added safety.


Advanced durability.


Flexibility of use with options for permanent, semi-permanent, or portable anchors.


Multiple options for upper containment additions.

Great Value

Impressive aesthetics at an affordable price.

Why Do People Choose Our Hockey Rink Boards?

Hockey has been a favorite game for centuries. From 4,000 year-old carvings depicting teams with sticks in Egypt, games in Ancient Greece known as kerētízein played with horn-like sticks, to the very first organized and recorded game in Montreal in 1875, hockey has taken on many forms.

The nature of today’s game is highly demanding. A fast paced and high-intensity sport, with a considerable amount of player-to-player contact. While the players suffer a good deal of punishment, the dasher boards take on even more abuse. Your rink boards are an important, if not the most critical, component for maintaining game play and ensuring the safety of the players and fans.

The features of today’s game means you have unique equipment and product needs. Whether you’re playing ice, roller, street, or dek hockey, and are wondering “Where can I buy hockey boards?”, look no further. Sport Resource Group offers a diverse range of hockey boards to build the right boundary systems to meet your needs.

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What’s the best size for my hockey rink setup?

We have provided hockey rink boards for setups as small as 10’ x 10’ and as large as 200’ x 100’— and hundreds of sizes in between. We always recommend creating your rink as large as possible while ensuring you maintain an approximate length-to-width ratio of 2:1 or 2.5:1. Proper dimensions and proportion are important to facilitate maximum play. ProWall panels rink dimensions can be increased or decreased in 2-ft increments.

Should I Buy a ProWall® or a ProWall®-ICE?


ProWall® is a revolutionary new product designed to combine the best traits of traditional hockey dasher board systems with those of newer, more portable systems. Made of durable, rotationally-molded plastic, ProWall is the perfect sport containment system for ice hockey and dek hockey. Contact us today to find out more about how a ProWall System can help meet your needs.


ProWall® also is available in ProWall®-ICE—specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the court or rink in below freezing temperatures. ProWall®-ICE is the perfect solution for customers routinely using ProWall® hockey rink boards in low temperatures (below 32⁰F or 0⁰C) for sports such as ice hockey, recreational ice skating, broomball, and shinny hockey. With the hockey boards molded out of a special low-temperature impact thermal resin, ProWall-ICE is the solution when extra durability is needed.


How long will it take to set up my hockey boards?

Permanent installation and upper containment typically take 32 manhours (or 4 workers at 8 hours or one work day). Once you have completed the process of setting up and/or disassembling your ProWall hockey rink boards, future installment should take significantly less time. If you choose our Portable Boundary System (temporary option for pick-up play), it will take approximately one hour to assemble for the first time. Of course, with both options, installment time will be dependent on how many workers you have helping you.

How much do Sport Resource Group’s hockey dasher boards cost?

The price will depend on your overall size. A good rule of thumb is to plan to spend about $80 per linear foot for the regular ProWall® boards (great for dek hockey, ball hockey, and roller hockey) and $95 per linear foot for ProWall-ICE® (used for outdoor ice hockey). Custom color ProWall hockey boards are $85 per linear foot (custom colors not available for ProWall-ICE). You can contact us for a full list of our hockey board pricing and availability or click here.

Can I take it down my hockey rink boards at the end of the season?

Yes, all ProWall Systems can be purchased with portable anchoring. See more about those options here.

Tell Me More About ProWall® Hockey Dasher Boards

  • Tougher and more durable than other plastic hockey boards
  • Assemble a full rink in just a few hours
  • Enjoy maintenance-free boards—with no painting needed
  • Three anchoring options in portable, semi-permanent, or permanent
  • “No-tool” connection mechanism
  • Radius corners ranging from 40″ radius or up to 20’ radius
  • 50 connection points per 8-foot Straight Panel for added strength
  • 34″ x 96″ advertising area
  • 8″ x 1⁄2″ bumped-out kickplate
  • Upper containment materials include netting, chain link fencing, or acrylic
  • Fill and drain holes in Portable Bracing Panels for easy anchoring
  • 2-ft, 4-ft, and 8-ft panels for maximum versatility
  • Stacking features on 8-ft Straight Panels for safe storage and transport
  • Multiple colors available
  • Real hockey gate hardware
  • Adjustable left- and right-swing gates
  • Traditional 8″ stepover for gate thresholds
  • ADA access gates and/or equipment access gates also available
  • Backed up by over 20 years of experience in the industry

Learn More About Our Hockey Rink Systems

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