Installation Tips Videos

ProWall Installation

University of Texas Arlington installs a portable ProWall System with acrylic upper containment.

Installing ProWall Hockey Rink Panels at 2017 NHL All Star Fan Fair in Los Angeles

Sport Resource Group’s portable ProWall Rink System panels are installed at the 2017 NHL All Star Game Fan Fair in Los Angeles. Watch how easily boards are put in place featuring ProWall’s patented Portable Bracing Panels.

Time Lapse Video of ProWall Rink System With Acrylic Full Installation

Ever wonder how long it take to install a ProWall Rink System by Sport Resource Group? Well, here is the answer – only minutes! Follow along as the City of New London (CT) installs their ProWall Rink System with full acrylic on top of a surface of synthetic ice just in time for the holidays!

ProWall Timelapse Installation

The crew at Camp Romimu (Monticello, NY) installs one of their FIVE (5) ProWall Rink Systems via timelapse.

ProWall Semi Permanent Concrete Anchor Installation Step 1 – Drilling Holes

After your ProWall Rink System is set in place and you are pleased with the location of the panels, corners and gates, it is time to drill the anchor holes. Within each ProWall 8 ft Straight Panel and ProWall 8 ft Radius Corner Panel there are two 1″ O.D. anchor holes spaced 48″ apart to accommodate anchors. Using a 1″ drill bit and after placing a piece of black electrical tape at the proper spot on your concrete drill, drill down into the concrete as seen in this video. You may need to remove the drill bit from the hole and reinsert it a few times to reach the proper hole depth. It is important to vacuum out the hole (next step) before adding any epoxy.

ProWall Semi Permanent Concrete Anchor Installation Step 2 – Vacuuming Holes

After you have drilled the holes necessary for your ProWall Rink System, it is very important to either vacuum out the holes or at least use forced air to clean them out. The holes must be cleaned out of dust so that the epoxy can bind to the remaining concrete.

ProWall Permanent Installation With Steel Poles

Once your holes are core drilled, this video will show you how to pound steel posts in to permanently install your ProWall Rink System.

ProWall Netting

This video will show you the necessary steps to install your ProWall Rink System netting system.

Magnetic Gate Latch Installation

All Sport Resource Group Gaga Pits come with a magnetic gate latch so the smallest of players can get out of the gaga pit easily. This video shows you how to install your magnetic gate latch.

SRG Gaga Unloading Video

A short how-to video on what to expect when your Sport Resource Group gaga pit arrives. Gaga pit shown in video is Official Size (26’x26′).

How To Install ProWall Take Off Adapters

This quick and easy video will show Sport Resource Group ProWall customers just how easy it is to install our patented “Take Off” Adapters to form a players box, timers box, penalty box or just a divider wall if you have the right pieces.

Sport Resource Group ProWall Permanent Installation Core Drill 2

Sport Resource Group installers use a core drill bit to drill holes in asphalt in order to permanently install Sport Resource Group ProWall panels using steel posts.