Gaga Pit Videos

Beyond Gaga at Meadowview Elementary

SRG Mike and Kate travel to Farmington to meet with elementary Phy Ed Teacher Joe McCarthy to learn more about how their gaga pit has been an innovation in gym class!

Let’s Play Gaga with Edina Public Schools

SRG Mike and Kate travel to Edina to meet with elementary Dean of Students to learn more about what gaga has done for their school!

Up Close Intense Gaga Battle At Elementary School

Check out the Sport Resource Group Gaga Pit made of open-cell, high density foam panels and tear-resistant vinyl. This 24′ x 24′ pit can fit up to 30 kids and makes Gaga a safe game for all ages. When finished, this Gaga Pit can turn into 80 ft of sidelines for floor hockey, soccer and other sports!

Magnetic Gate Latch Installation

SRG ProWall Gaga Pit Assembly “Official” Size – Less Than 5 Minutes

Watch as one person completely assembles a single Sport Resource Group ProWall Gaga Pit in less than five minutes! With SRG’s patented interlocking plastic wall system, you can assemble a gaga pit, soccer pitch, lacrosse/football system or ice/inline/street hockey rink in just minutes.

Up Close Look At Gaga In A School Gym Setting

This Gaga game gets kids laughing and running in a short amount of time. Played on a Sport Resource Group

Sport Resource Group Portable Gaga Pit Turns Into a Hockey/Sideline In Minutes

Can you turn your Gaga Pit into a sideline for floor hockey, soccer or other sports in a matter of minutes? If you can’t, you don’t have the right Gaga Pit! Introducing Sport Resource Group Portable Boundary Systems. Turn a 24′ x 24′ Gaga Pit into an 80 ft sideline in just minutes. Sport Resource Group Portable Boundary System panels are made of a high-density, open-cell foam covered with a tear-resistant vinyl. Attached using metal D-rings and Velcro straps, these panels can be used for soccer, hockey, gaga and more!

ProWall Gaga Pit 5-Minute Disassembly

Are you looking for a truly portable and professional gaga pit? Maybe one that can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes? If so, SRG’s ProWall Gaga Pit (made of plastic panels) is your best bet. Don’t waste time and money on wood pits that deteriorate and need constant maintenance. ProWall Gaga Pits can be reconfigured for soccer, hockey, baseball, football and more in just minutes!

P E Kids Playing Gaga

K-5th grade kids playing Gaga within their ProWall Gaga Pit by Sport Resource Group. Gaga is a fast-paced game which is becoming more and more popular with grade schools and middle schools as their P.E. time is crunched. Gaga is a game that involves ALL of the kids in the class and requires no other equipment other than a gaga pit and a gaga ball.