No, unfortunately none of us are quite athletic enough to bring our respective favorite NFL teams to ring-bearing glory. But being Minneapolis natives, we did have the chance to bump elbows with some of the leagues higher-ups and fans alike at the Super Bowl Experience downtown yesterday. We tried our hand at Hail Mary’s, punts, tackles, and sprints while soaking in all the purple glory of football history and shiny memorabilia from Super Bowl’s past (the rings are no joke!). While most of the office didn’t get a chance to see the ring of our favorite team — because even the Minneapolis Miracle couldn’t make one appear for the Vikings — SRG Maria was able to see the trophy and rings of her hometown green and gold. 

SRG is prepared for the Super Bowl this weekend by battening down the hatches against the cold, and offering some Minnesota Nice to out-of-towners from the east coast this weekend.