The SRG Staff and family Gaga Ball Game on the roof was a success! On the outskirts of Uptown, Minneapolis SRG headquarters held a Staff and Family Gaga Ball game with our Portable Boundary System on the rooftops! Although we have a “strictly business” policy here at SRG HQ, sometimes we mix in a little risky business along the way.

Everyone shares to a certain degree some of the same stresses and obstacles we all face from working in our lives, whether that is waking up every morning to head to an office or waking up even earlier to carry some retired rich guys golf clubs for 18 holes. We all have to work in some way, but it is always important to take a break relax and live the life we’ve been working for. At SRG we are really lucky given the fact our work is in a fun and relaxing environment. At times the office can get to be a bit stressful but that stress is always only temporary, and this is something that we must never forget! Every job you have will have that moment when you want nothing more than to lay in your bed for the next 24 hours, and that’s okay! That’s simply just life, you have to learn to take a deep breathe and keep on truckin’.

People always say ‘find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ You don’t necessarily need to chase that dream job you’ve been dreaming of ever since you first discovered astronauts exist. You always have the ability to ‘find’ something you love in something that you do! I’m not talking about anything specific, find something little or find something big; The people around you, the smiles you receive everyday after helping out a customer, the sounds of the busy street just outside the front door of your office, the knowledge and skills you have gained, the actualization that you could be saving someones life at any moment… Maybe even the comfy reclining chair you sit on everyday at your desk. These are all things to love about your life, because as much as we may sometimes wish it wasn’t, our work is a huge portion of our lives, so why not live in it.


Cause you never know if there’s a game of Gaga on your office’s rooftop just around the corner.

And don’t forget,

Keep Calm and Gaga On.