SRG has always been deeply rooted in service to our community in any way we can. We love working with camps, children’s centers, and organizations  that share our same vision of giving back. As you may have heard, January 2018 SRG is donating $100 to the charity of your choice when you place an order with us. 

Compiling a list of charities to choose from was no easy task. SRG has had the opportunity to work with many different charities in the past, but we chose some of our favorite and most notable. Our customers and followers on social media also got a say in the matter, as we held a poll to help decide some of the final contenders for our list. 

The five charity choices are all deeply rooted in the sports community, just as we are. From helping children of veterans and active military members, to LGBT individuals, to underprivileged children nation wide, we truly believe in each of their messages and the work they do. 


Of course, there are many different charities that do amazing work that are not on the list. Let us know what sports charities you would want to see if we do a similar promotion in the future!