If you tuned in to the Today Show this past Monday you probably saw a mustache-clad Ben Stiller in an overly-dramatic dodgeball game with one lucky donor who was chosen to play on his team. Ben Stiller and the Stiller foundation– a foundation founded on building schools and helping undeserved communities around the world– decided to have a little fun in the process of creating change. The Today Show chose ProWall for their dodgeball game, and we couldn’t be more pleased to help facilitate such an amazing cause. 


You can find out more about The Stiller Foundation on their website or donate directly to the cause here. So far, the Stiller Foundation has raised over $300,000 which helped to build the Cévérine School in Haiti. 100% of the proceeds go directly to building schools worldwide. 

Watch the video of the game here

Or, look here for a full article on the event