If you are at all a fan of lacrosse, you are no stranger to the contained-brother of the OG sport: boxlax. Box, which our Canadian neighbors from the north have been playing for a few years now has finally breached the border and begun taking hold in the States. But here is the issue: there is still no official standard size for the box containment in box lacrosse. Now, this may not be an issue to some people. But those of us in the sport-containment businesses are faced with a unique issue. Different teams with different skills levels all lacrosse the country are ordering box systems from us because they fit their exact needs, but many are purchasing different sizes. The US Lacrosse Association has not released the ‘official’ dimensions for a professional sized field to set the standards for those pro-hopefuls and leisure-players alike.  Right now, the ‘standard’ is  200′ x 85′, but even within those regulations, it says that the field size “may be altered.” 

We love helping people set up their new box systems and elevate their club or team with some shiny new ProWall regardless of size.  But we also hope for a regulation size to be set so that all teams across the country may have a more streamlined and universal training process!