Begin by taking an inventory of your netting and netting accessories. As a general rule, in addition to your netting, you should have one each of the following items for each 8 ft of netting;

  • Top Netting Clamp (TNC) + one screw for each
  • Bottom Netting Clamp (BNC) + one screw for each
  • High Density plastic strip (1” x 1/2” x 96”)
  • J-hook, wing nut and 5” plastic washer assembly

Begin by sliding a TNC over the end of a PVC post with the “tooth” facing up. Secure that TNC so that the top of the TNC is 1/2″ down from the top of the PVC with one of the screws provided.

Slide a BNC up from the bottom of the post. Do not secure with a screw yet, but make sure the bottom “shelf” part of the BNC is closer to the ground than the sky.

Insert posts 8 feet apart in system. Note: In systems where a 30-degree/40” radius is provided, there is one post, one TNC, one BNC, one j-hook, etc for each corner.

Unroll netting out on the inside of the rink panels and place one end on top of the panels and into the channel. This is a 2-person job. As you place the bottom roped edge in the channel, the second person should follow behind and secure the netting in the channel by pressing the 96” long high density plastic strip in the channel. If you need a shorter high density plastic strip, cut an existing 96” long strip down to the desired length with a saw. Tap down with a rubber mallet. Make sure the bottom of the netting stretches to the rear of the channel (away from the playing area), tucks down under the HDPE channel and re-emerges in front of the HDPE channel (closer to the playing area) and then stretches straight up in the air 78” high to the top of the PVC post.

Slide the TNC down as far as it will go and secure with a screw. Repeat until netting is in place, all posts are in place and all BNC clips are secured with screws.

In between PVC posts, there should be 8 feet of length, or three additional 2-1/2” holes. Choose one of these three holes and place steel J-hook/cane bolt over high density plastic strip and drop threaded end through the hole. Use 5” x 1” plastic rectangle as a washer and secure with wing nut. Repeat as necessary until netting is secured to the boards.