Here at Sport Resource Group we value our products, partners and customers but most of all we value the relationships and communities we have with the world. Our slogan is derived from the bare essence of team building and reinforcing the relationships we have with one another, whether that be in larger sports or within small communities. It is very important to us, at SRG to make sure our customers and everyone we work with has a positive experience with our staff members and company. When asked about the SRG slogan sales manager Whitney Daleiden says “The reason this slogan is so accurate is because anytime anyone participates in a sport, friendships are made and a true sense of community is brought to life. And our (Sport resource group) goal is to make sports around the globe possible for everyone everywhere to build communities as much as possible.”

The slogan was created ten years ago by President Chris Guertin and Co-founder Maria Guertin when SRG started up. Chris explains “Through our slogan we hope to provide motivation and encouragement to help create a fun and active environment for customers and stakeholders so that everyone can be involved in win win situations and deals.” Co-founder of SRG Maria Guertin states “We hope that when people see our slogan and company that they can right away see us as a company that they can partner with whether that’s building an sport arena at a school or helping out with a project for a large training center for athletes in the community. We are here to provide and help others to make their dreams come true.” The most efficient way for this to happen is to work together and that is what SRG strives to be, a community builder. When asked about life outside of the office and how SRG has affected them Whitney explains, “When it comes to hearing countless people’s dreams of businesses they all seem to have one common goal, and that’s bringing people together as a community through sports and activities.” Chris Guertin says “That is where I find a lot of my motivation, hearing all of the success stories from our customers who are able to organize and play sports has motivated me to be even more active with my kids and the community, and that’s what SRG is all about.”