Recently USA Hockey set out to level the playing field with all affiliates and did so by mandating that all associations use cross-ice games for players age 8 and under according to USA Hockey Magazine. While most associations had already adopted this rule, the mandates now closes any loopholes some associations were using to avoid cross-ice hockey. Cross-ice hockey has many benefits including more “touches” of the puck by all kids, more skill development, more kids on the ice, but most of all, MORE FUN!An integral part of the Cross-Ice Hockey Program is the use of Cross-Ice dividers. Cross-Ice dividers can come in many different forms, but essentially they are used to help stop pucks from crossing into different “zones” but also form a barrier that define where kids should be concentrating their efforts. Before Sport Resource Group Portable Vinyl/Foam Dividers came on the scene, many organizations chose whatever was handy to divide up the rink – fire hoses, player benches and wood were all common. However, now with SRG’s open-cell, high-density foam covered with a tear-resistant vinyl, an 85 or 100 ft section of borders can be set up by one skater in just a couple of minutes. These dividers also double as a “bench” where kids can sit and listen to instruction. One of the newest advantages for older kids is that these dividers can also be placed as barriers out on the ice which creates an obstacle course for puck-handlers.


Through August 31st, all hockey associations will receive the lowest prices of the season. Read below for more information on SRG Dividers. You can also log on to the Divider section of our website at, call us at (612) 584-3030 or send an email to us at [email protected]


The full article from USA Hockey Magazine can be found here – USA Hockey Magazine Article