As recreation professionals prepare for summer, they often look to new and exciting activities or products that will help boost summer camp registration numbers. Camp and program directors are regularly faced with making a decision between purchasing one new product or another because of the all too familiar term, “tight budget.” Recreation centers and summer camps pride themselves on the variety of activities or sports they offer, but as a result of the”tight budget” they, unfortunately have to cut a few from their list.

What if rec professionals could offer that full variety of activities without going over their budget? What if you could play Gaga in the morning and floor hockey in the afternoon with the same product? What if just ONE product would allow summer programs to add dozens of activities?

Here at Sport Resource Group, we have the answer: ProWall. ProWall has been used at summer camps, JCCs, YMCAs, schools, rec centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc. to add:

-Gaga/Gaga Ball

-Floor Hockey



-Mini soccer

-Soccer tots


-Box Lacrosse

-Wiffle Ball


-Many more

ProWall’s ability to be re-shaped and re-sized by any camp counselor or rec director makes it an easy choice.

No tools. No mess. No budget crunching. Just one product that provides endless options for weeks of fun.