Indoor roller skating, a tradition that began there at the beginning of the 1970’s, is brought back to the city of Cape May in New Jersey. It began in 1972 in hopes of creating an activity to get kids off the streets (Degener). The idea took, and the roller skating rink remained a popular place for kids over the past 4 decades.

Over the years, however, the makeshift railings and hardwood floor got worn down. It was time for a change. After a six-month search, the city found hard bamboo flooring that can accommodate roller skates without damage (Degener). They also sought out SRG’s ProWall Dasher Board System to use to enclose the rink. This system now gives them the ability to quickly take down the rink system if they have other events in the Convention Hall.

Thus far, the renovated roller skating rink seems to be a success! The mayor of Cape May, Ed Mahaney, reported that “since opening on Jan. 18, the rink has been drawing 200 to 225 people per session” (Degener). He also said, “it is projected to bring in between $42,000 and $70,000 a year, with expenses likely less than that” (Degener).

The city of Cape May now gets plenty of use out of their convention hall with the use of the portable ProWall Dasher Boards. Mahaney said there have already been cases where it was removed to accommodate ballroom dancing classes. The mayor said it is so easy to install, the city may even have some roller skating during the summer on rainy days when nothing is scheduled in the hall (Degener).

SRG was happy to help bring Indoor Roller Skating back to the families of Cape May! To learn more about the rink, read this article in the Press of Atlantic City: