Come join Sport Resource Group on August 17th at Paul Martin’s 2nd annual Shine A Ligh7 charity fundraiser event. Located in Minneapolis, MN at First Avenue, there will be food, live music and speakers all starting at 7pm! At sport resource group we find it imperative to ensure that children are safe both physically and mentally in today’s world, and that is the premise of the Shine A Ligh7 Foundation Charity Event.

Their Goal: “To improve the quality of life of children in need. Through donations and fundraising events, we distribute funds to qualified non-profit organizations who share our mission in improving the lives of children while promoting their social, emotional and behavioral health. 

Our fundraising efforts focus on anti-bullying, suicide prevention and to help end the stigma attached with mental health issues.” 

This year sport resource group is sponsoring Paul Martin’s Shine A Ligh7 fundraiser event, we feel strongly that mental illness is something that needs to be addressed and we need to do everything in our power to assist those struggling with mental illness. Just by attending the event will you be changing lives, so come support the cause, socialize and have a positive experience while doing so, we would love to see YOU there! 

If you would like to donate or learn more about Shine A Ligh7 click the link below!

Click here to visit Paul Martin’s Shine A Ligh7 Website

To buy a ticket in advance click on the link below!

Click Here to buy your ticket at First Avenue and Learn more about the event!