Hey You! Do you have an office dog like me??? Because I’ll tell ya one thing it sure does help the SRG team relax and chill out while still staying focused and hard at work!

According to the article Undercover Recruiter these are some of the top benefits of having an office dog

  • Reduce stress
  • Brings teams together
  • Encourages healthy living
  • Increased productivity
  • Pets wont have to be left alone
  • Boosts creativity



Having an Office Dog or animal of any kind helps take your mind off all the stresses of work. I mean come on look at those eyes, can anyone truly look at this cute dog and not smile? Even an evil villain from the Spider-Man comics would have to rub those ears. And what better reason is there to stay and work a few extra hours than to have a little companion at your side ready to give you all the love you need for maximum productivity!

Not only does an office dog help with reducing stress and increased productivity but it also brings teams and co-workers together and gives them something to bond over. When there is a loving and energetic animal amidst the work space, you can literally feel the love and energy, which only brings smiles and laughter to work. According to Fast Company a recent study found that happy employees led to a 12% spike in productivity.

Dogs or any animal can also boost creativity being they are out of the norm themselves at an office space. When we put ourselves in abnormal situations or places, our minds tend to wander and think differently as well! So when a pet is in an area it’s normally not, our brains actually begin to think of things that normally we never would’ve!


So go get a puppy and start brainstorming because work is about to get a whole lot more fun!

Or sleepy…