A new box lacrosse system is being put to great use within the Lacrosse Community of Liverpool! The energy and excitement surrounding the new system has give SRG members a proud smile to see how much fun and games our product is bringing to the people of Liverpool. They nicknamed the arena the “Q-Box” in honor of coach Quilty, and they have already held many games and events with the “Q-Box.”

When looking into the box lacrosse system John Sardella the principal of Willow Field Elementary School (location of Q-Box) said “We are very excited about its potential to grow our local lacrosse program,” And it sure has! The social media posts and pictures put every other sport to shame as you can almost feel the energy of laughter and fun through all the photos. Everyone wants to get a taste of some box lax over in Liverpool, NY!

A short article was written by Eagles News online about the History of Liverpool Lax and their goals and accomplishments they’ve made to be where they are at today! We strongly recommend to give it a read!


And go check out the Liverpool Lacrosse boys and girls social media for more cool photos and updates on events, games and tournaments!