Football may have been the tried and true American sport of the past, alongside the US’ favorite pastime of baseball. Of course, these beloved sports are never going away, as their following is still just as massive as ever. However, you may have noticed the number of lacrosse clubs and organizations in your area has continued to expand in the past five years. The reason? Not only is lacrosse a fun, fast-paced sport, it is nearly identical for women and girls leagues. While baseball has it’s women’s league in softball and is similar, there are still a few differences in pitching, ball size, etc. Football has very few outlets for women besides flag football and powder puff leagues. Lacrosse may have different checking rules between men’s and women’s leagues, but all in all the sport itself remains untouched. 

While lacrosse may be the biggest sport on the rise in the US, box lacrosse– which increases stick handling skills and the pace of the game– is only beginning to catch on with lacrosse leagues nationwide.