Sport Resource Group team members Kate and Mike, have just launched a new instructional video on Youtube explaining how to “Unload a Gaga Pit” from a shipping truck. Our purpose of this video is to give customers an idea of how their Gaga Ball Pit will arrive and what’s the best way to unload it. In the video we use a Bobcat with two 4 ft pallet forks to unload the plastic wrapped 8 ft and 4 ft ProWall panels (in most cases the ProWall will be wrapped in plastic and banded together). We suggest that if available, a forklift is the best method to unload your Gaga Pit panels. If this is unavailable to you, it is best to unwrap the pit, and unload it panel by panel.

SRG has made a handful of instructional tips and tricks videos in the past consisting of installing and modifying your ProWall system, but we would like to increase the number of informational videos to make sure you know exactly how and what to do when you receive your very own ProWall system. Through these videos, it is our primary goal to provide customers with as many answers to the questions that they may have at any given time. In the near future we plan to release many more Youtube videos including “How to install a Gaga Pit.” If you have anymore questions you need answered please do not hesitate to give SRG headquarters a call at 612-584-3030.

If you would like to watch our most recent video on how to unload a gaga pit (with a dash of goofiness) watch below.

SRG Gaga Unloading Video: