Who buys your gaga pits?

We have had great success with our ProWall Gaga Pits in temples, JCC’s, churches, YMCA’s, boys and girls clubs, and school settings over the past 6+ years. Sometimes people even call in looking for a pit for their backyard for the neighborhood kids to enjoy.

Where are your gaga pits?

SRG Gaga Pits are all over the world. The east coast of the US is really into gaga ball right now and we’ve seen most of our pits go that way, but we do have a bunch in the west coast, Midwest, the south, Canada, and overseas.

Are these okay indoor and outdoor?

ProWall Gaga Pits can absolutely remain outdoor year round and hold up in all kinds of weather. indoor use is fine as well. Should there be a rainy day, the kids shouldn’t have to miss out on gaga, so just bring the pit inside! The panels snap together and pull apart like legos. No tools necessary. Once all separated, the panels are easy to move around as you wish.

How portable is it really?

Our pits come in separate panels that you snap together yourself. The largest panel is 8ft and is only 88lbs. The other panels are 4ft and corners and weigh less. Most decided to move their Gaga Pit by hand with just 1 or 2 people but if you wish, a dolly or cart works well too.

Is it just a gaga pit?

When you buy a ProWall Gaga Pit from us, you are not just buying a Gaga Pit. Our panels can also be used for hockey, soccer, football, human foosball and more. We have a “SRG Gaga Pit Rules and Layouts” PDF which shows all of the different sports and activities you can play using the pieces from a single gaga pit.

What can i place the gaga pit on to reduce pebbles and dirt from flying around?

We recommend going to your local home improvement store (Home Depot is a popular choice) and picking up some outdoor carpet to lay down prior to assembling your Gaga Pit.

I have kids in wheel chairs that would like to enjoy gaga. Do you have any gates that would allow them to access your gaga pits?

Yes! We do have an equipment gate panel that can be swapped out with our hockey gate panel no problem. The equipment gate swings open from the ground and allows wheelchairs to roll into the pit easily.