Syracuse university head coach John Desko praises the benefits of box lacrosse, and thinks that “Every kid should play box lacrosse” to improve and develop their skills in the game. Luckily box lacrosse leagues are popping up all across the U.S and even in the Midwest lacrosse is growing at an exponential rate! The link below brings you to the article and video of John Desko speaking about the importance of growth through Box Lacrosse.

Click Here for John Desko’s video and article about box lax

If you or your kids are looking for box lacrosse leagues the US Box Lacrosse Association periodically sends out events and leagues through out the US. Click here for

If you are a friendly neighbor of SRG Headquarters in Minnesota, Homegrown Lacrosse has a great Premier Box League, for grades 7-8 through High school grades 9-12. For youth players in MN looking to give box a try Minnesota has the YBL (Youth Box Lacrosse) league. Click here for MN YBL website. Duluth, MN has an exceptional youth box lacrosse league every fall coached by current UMD players! Click Here for the UMD Box Lax League

Check out this cool video of the 2017 Homegrown Premier Box League season!