Sometimes when you’re trying to learn about a small business and figure out what it’s going to be like working there, you search the web and listen in on rumors about that business. Then your thought process is to look at recent reviews and other familiar companies that would have worked with the company to get an idea of what the company is like. So In other words, I did some research before joining the SRG crew. Knowing the family running the business prior to becoming an employee, I wasn’t surprised to see that the lowest rating on every social media/informational website was 4 stars with an extreme majority of 5 star ratings. After stepping foot into the office on my first day, I immediately lost all senses of stress and anxiety because a sweet and gentle boxer ran up ready to give and receive puppy love. Attempting to wag her little stub of a tail at a speed faster than a Suzuki Hayabusa crotch rocket she made me feel at home. Looking up I was greeted with welcoming smiles and feelings of excitement from the SRG team members themselves.

As I was introduced and showed around by one of the SRG employee’s Whitney, everything was ecstatic. After a quick rundown of the office and my job description they brought me to my new desk which had a few welcoming gifts from the team. Heading home from my first day on the job I thought to myself isn’t work supposed to be boring, hard and stressful. The fun must’ve just been a first day thing.

Coming into work the second day I was greeted the same, a cute lovable dog and wide smiles from everyone in the office. And then the next day was the same and the day after that and so on. The environment here at SRG is always happy and relaxing, sure it’s work but it never really feels like it. Every so often I’m able to take a quick relaxing break by just simply conversing with somebody in the office. It’s got a nice homey feel to it, the chairs are comfy, the windows are huge to let in the bright sunlight of a gorgeous day and the distinctly pleasant sound of uptown life echos throughout the office. From the first step into the SRG office I knew this would be an incredible place to spend my time over the summer and knew this would be a company I could take pride in working for by always having a good time and by helping others dreams come true.

-Mike Radecki, SRG