We Sell the Safest and Best GaGa Ball Pits You Can Buy.

If you’re looking for a safe, high-quality, durable, and easy-to-set-up GaGa Ball Pit for your school, camp, YMCA, rec center, neighborhood park, or backyard, you’ve come to the right place. Shop our gaga pits below, or get in touch directly with questions. We love to help!

Why Do People Choose Our GaGa Pits Over All the Rest?

We’ve been producing these GaGa Ball Pits longer than any other company in the United States and our customers are extremely happy with the durability and customizable shapes and dimensions our safe GaGa Pit design allows for. Our proprietary GaGa Pit system is tough, lightweight, portable, safe and can be set up by two people in under ten minutes for either indoor or outdoor use. It’s strong enough to be a permanent structure, portable enough to move from place to place as needed, and designed to be the safest pit on the market.

GaGa Ball is an increasingly popular game being played all over the country. Gym teachers, school administrators, camp directors, PTAs, and parents from every state are all looking for the best GaGa Ball Pits for sale that fits their organization’s needs and budget.

How do you know which GaGa Pit is the right one for your group? There are a multitude of options out there running the gamut on price, materials, size, and sturdiness. How do you know you’re getting the right GaGa Ball Pit design?

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: 

However, our gaga pits are adjustable to accommodate your needs.

Whether you decide to work with SRG on this decision or not, we want to provide you with answers to your most important questions as well as some helpful guidance along the way. Buying a GaGa Ball Pit should be a one-time purchase that leads you to years of safe play with your students, guests, kids, and athletes.

What Materials Should We Use to Build Our GaGa Pit?

The biggest mistake people make is building a GaGa Pit out of wood. While you can build a GaGa Pit using wood from the hardware store or construct one from a kit, if you’re after durability, you want to invest in tough, rotationally-molded plastic pit walls. Wood GaGa Pits won’t hold up to ever-changing weather or enthusiastic use as well as our plastic, portable, customizable courts will. 

More importantly, plastic pit walls are safer. Wood GaGa Ball Courts could leave unnecessary room for injury via splinters, nails, sharp corners, metal brackets, or gaps between pieces that could snag clothing or players. Our ProWall system corners are molded in one piece to avoid pinched fingers and there’s no need for nails or brackets or any metal pieces.

Each of our 8 ft long straight panels is 90 lbs (gate is 110 lbs) and the corner panels are 35 lbs each, so the combined weight of one GaGa Pit along with its shape creates enough stability to keep it locked in place if you wanted the pit to be permanent. However, if you want to disassemble and move the GaGa Pit or make it smaller or a different shape, you can easily take it apart piece-by-piece.

We’ve found this is the best solution on the market for durability, safety, ease-of-use, and budget.

How Much Does a GaGa Ball Pit Cost?

One of the most common questions we receive is “How much is a GaGa pit?” The materials you choose and whether you decide to build your own or not will determine your GaGa Ball Pit price. Honestly, the costs of a GaGa Pit go far beyond the numbers on the receipt.

You want to consider your budget, of course, but also consider the time required to build or dismantle the GaGa Court, the durability of the materials, the safety of the material, the importance of getting the size and dimensions right – the first time. Some of our customers came to us because they tried to build their own GaGa Pit but struggled with the process. We’ve perfected the method and the product – our commercial GaGa Ball Pits take all the guesswork out and leave you with a simple and safe construction process.

Our GaGa Pits cost between $3,000 and $6,000 and last many years longer than pits made out of wood or other materials. Our GaGa Ball Pits come in white as the standard color but custom colors can be requested for an additional cost. Customers can order GaGa Ball Courts that are blue, black, red, green, tan, or nearly any other color. Plus, these pits can be moved to a new space if your school, camp, or rec center needs to switch things up – no need to purchase a new pit for a new location!

Often, buying a GaGa Pit is a one-time event and you want to make sure you’re getting the right product with the best safety record from the get-go. Our plastic boards ensure that there are fewer chances of injury for students and staff. This means lower costs for your school or rec center over time. We encourage you to reach out with questions when making your selection, whether you’re purchasing for a school, camp, or to play professional GaGa ball. Our staff is here to help.

What Makes Our Product the Safest GaGa Pit on the Market? 

All of our pit design options were designed with safety top of mind. We only build our pits with the safest materials such as soft fabric or smooth plastic. We knew there would be lots of running, moving, and activity around our pits. They needed to stand up to wear and tear and frequent run-ins. That meant wood was a no-go. First, it was full of potential for injuries. Kids and staff could quickly get splinters or cut themselves. With our design, the chance of injury from the walls plummets. Not only are there only smooth surfaces in the pit, the walls are also higher than most competitors. This removes the chance of tripping over the sides and lessens the chance of a GaGa ball flying out of the pit. Safe play is the best type of play.