ProWall is a sport containment system made of durable, rotationally-molded plastic. Designed to combine the best traits of the traditional dasher board system with those of newer, more portable systems, ProWall is the perfect sport containment system for ice hockey, inline hockey, floor hockey, soccer, gaga, futsal, lacrosse, indoor football and more. 

Basically, you name it: we have the ProWall for it.


ProWall also means Functionality. Our ProWall systems meet the high demands of contact and impact sports while still remaining portable and safe for either indoor or outdoor use year round. ProWall will not damage grass, turf, or flooring due to its even weight distribution between each panel at only .12 PSI*. 

If your dasherboards need to withstand a little more wear and tear, ProWall Ice incorporates the same revolutionary ProWall system while strengthening the cold resistance and outdoor survivability needed for outdoor hockey or other winter sports. Molded out of a special low-temperature impact thermal resin, ProWall ice is built to hold up to temperatures well below 32⁰F (0⁰C).

At three different levels of permanence, ProWall can be entirely installed in less than one day. ProWall can be made portable, semi-permanent, or permanent if you are looking for year-round play. 

Want a reference? Here is a quick video of the easy ‘no tool’ interlocking connection mechanism ProWall uses when installed. 

*.12 PSI is based off of an 8 foot by 8 inch wide panel at 88 lbs.