When people come to Sport Resource Group to assist with a containment project, it’s normally for hockey, box lacrosse, soccer, football or similar sports. On occasion we get requests to work on unique projects that folks see ProWall being the perfect fit to bring their ideas to life!

Doggy daycares and dog agility arenas are two of the unexpected ways our products have been used. Because of ProWall’s versatility, we are able to accommodate these types of projects to create safe containment areas for pooches to romp and learn.


Because of its rotationally molded plastic material, ProWall is easy to clean to keep this dog enclosure sanitary and looking great for all the pups and humans who visit!



In this dog agility enclosure, ProWall and upper containment netting is used to keep the dogs in the training area. Because it is easy to take down and assemble, this system can be made smaller if necessary by simply removing a few panels and connecting the remaining panels together with their built in, no tool connecting mechanism.


Another unexpected project we’ve had the pleasure of working on is a human foosball system! Made with ProWall and painted PVC poles, this system has brought joy and hours of fun to camp kids and counselors every summer!

Have any unique ideas you want to run past us? Call (612) 584-3030 or email ([email protected]) and we’ll walk you through what our products can do!