Take what you know about the octagonal gaga and throw it out the window. Gaga pits from SRG are made for more than just one game! In fact, this past week at the Tri-State camp conference, we switched up our usual Official Sized Gaga pit (26’x26′) and made it into a mini-rink for some floorball competitions! Because all of our panels are able to interlock with each other, any shape you can think up for an array of games is possible when gaga just doesn’t feel like what you’re in the mood for. Practice soccer footwork, stick handling skills, or just a good old-fashioned game of one on one. Best part? It only takes a few minutes to switch things back to a gaga pit for when you’re ready to take on a bigger group of friends in a lighthearted (or competitive!) game. 

Check out a video of us switching up the boards from gaga to floorball! 

We want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth to say hi and play some floorball with us at the 2018 Tri-State Camp Conference! It was a pleasure to meet everyone!