Everyone loves to go ice-skating during the holidays and winter season! But what do you do with the ice rink during the hot summer months?

Several cities around the United States have found a solution to this problem: temporary rinks! By using a synthetic ice surface and SRG’s portable ProWall dasherboard system, it is now possible to set up an ice skating winter wonderland that can be quickly and easily disassembled for the summer months. This allows cities to use a certain venue for different purposes during the summer and winter seasons!


The City of New London, located in southeastern Connecticut, did just that this past winter. Using our ProWall Dasherboard System and a synthetic ice surface, the city created a seasonal ice rink on the Parade Plaza in New London’s historic waterfront district. The Rink at Parade Plaza is open to the public every day of the week during the winter season, and also hosts sponsored-open skate events. They rent out out skates right on site as well.

Check out the following timelapse videos to see how quickly the rink can be set up and taken down!