After a long and cold 6 months of winter at SRG headquaters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are ready for the sweet satisfaction of t-shirt and shorts weather this Summer. Don’t get me wrong we love our Winters here in Minnesota almost as much as we love our hockey, but it’s nice to see a bit of green every once in a while! We’ve only seen a few weeks of warm weather thus far and by the looks of it every Minnesotan in the entire state is out and enjoying this much needed weather.

Here at SRG we love to give our customers the ability and assistance to create Hockey rinks all year long with our ProWall and Portable Boundary systems, but Hockey isn’t even remotely all of what we provide. SRG works with a large variety of other sports containment systems across all genres of athletics. From Box Lacrosse, to Box Quidditch, to Gaga ball, SRG does it all! Our durable and versatile ProWall and Portable Boundary System can be used for just about any sport or activity of which you’d prefer to have boarded boundaries.


We love to see our customers come up with innovative ways to use our products and are happy to help in every way we can to ensure you’ll get exactly what you imagined! Don’t be shy to give us a call about any questions you have regarding your future sports containment system at 612-584-3030. Here at SRG headquarters we are psyched to see and hear all of the new and exciting systems our customers think of and design this Summer!





Wishing you a fantastic summer from Sport Resource Group!