Have you heard of the up and coming variation of lacrosse? Box lacrosse is now a growing alternative to the more traditional field lacrosse. The name, “Box” Lacrosse, came about because of the enclosed area that the game is played in. It was invented in Canada in the 1930’s, as a way for local ice arenas to promote business. The game was played on artificial turf placed over the ice surface. Although it didn’t originate here, the game is quickly spreading to the United States.

There are several differences between “box” and “field” lacrosse. Box Lacrosse is played with less players (teams of six instead of ten), on a smaller field, and with slightly smaller goals and sticks. It is also a slightly more violent game due to the fact that checking is allowed. Box Lacrosse, sometimes even called Indoor Lacrosse, is more commonly played indoors. The Loveland Box Lacrosse League, however, decided to build an outdoor box arena this spring using the ProWall Dasherboard System.

Michael Cotsonas also said, “SRG was outstanding to work with, and easily helped meet our needs even though our outdoor box lacrosse arena was a little out of the ordinary. It was a long term project and Chris and the team were by our sides the whole way. Our prowall system for lacrosse is the first one of it’s kind in the Midwest, and we’ve already been noted in a number of national lacrosse magazine. Thanks, SRG for helping us get put on the map!”On June 23, The Loveland Lacrosse Club took a big leap for the sport of box lacrosse when they opened the first box lacrosse arena in the midwest. Local youth players swarmed to the arena to be one of the first to play in the “box”. The Loveland Lacrosse Club now offers outdoor summer lacrosse, as well as the more common indoor winter box lacrosse. The Club Director, Michael Cotsonas says, “The league features 200-250 local youth through high school players. This is the largest summer lacrosse league (box or field) in Southern Ohio.”

We were very happy to help Michael Cotsonas and the Loveland Lacrosse Club build this new box arena, and we hope our ProWall Dasherboards can help with the spread of box lacrosse in the future!

To learn more about the Loveland Lacrosse League and the game of Box Lacrosse, watch these videos! You can watch Michael Cotsonas talk about the opening day and how the field came to be, Loveland Lacrosse League President Jeannie Clements talk about the difference between box and field lacrosse, and Jacob Cotsonas talk about the first goal scored at the new arena.