Box Lacrosse

More Touches, More Speed, More Action

ProWall Box Lacrosse Systems – Whether you are a seasonal camp, school university, or coach looking to bring box lacrosse to your program, ProWall is a perfect fit!

  •  100% portable and permanent applications
  • install on ANY surface in minutes
  • Patented NO TOOL ASSEMBLY for easy setup and takedown
  • Perfect for indoor OR outdoor use all year in any climate
  • Hundreds of shapes and sizes
  • All edges rounded off for increased player safety
  • Add Netting or Acrylic Upper Containment to keep the ball in play and spectators SAFE
  • Even weight distribution – only .12 PSI on every panel* to minimize footprint and cause no damage on artificial turf or grass surfaces
  • ProWall panels can be broken down and stacked flat for efficient and easy storage while not in use
  • Custom colors available

               * Based off of 8 foot long by 8 inch wide panel at 88 lbs.



Take your Game and your team to the next level with ProWall Box lacrosse Systems!





Soccer Containment Systems – Whether you are installing a permanent indoor soccer field or need a portable containment system for a youth game, Sport Resource Group has you covered. Choose from three of SRG’s top of the line systems including SRG Indoor series, ProWall Rink System, and SRG’s Portable Boundary System (PBS). Take your game to the next level with any of these systems. Don’t sacrafice quality when selecting the best containment system for you and your players. Choose what the pros choose… Sport Resource Group.

  • SRG Portable Boundary System – these portable panels are offered in 12” high, 22” high or 42” high open-cell, high density foam – or combine heights for higher containment on the ends and corners. Panels are covered with tear resistant vinyl. Choose from red, white, blue or black color.
  • ProWall Rink Systems – our patented interlocking low density polyethylene dasher boards are the most popular solution for soccer facility owners who want versatility and durability for soccer of all ages. Portable, permanent or semi-permanent, ProWall can be used wherever soccer is played. For use indoor or outdoor, you can also choose a custom color to really make a statement. Add acrylic, vinyl coated chain-link fencing, or SRG Netting as upper containment options to complete your top of the line soccer systems.
  • SRG Indoor Series – switch to a powder coated welded aluminum frame and high density polyethylene (HDPE) facing and play on what the pros play on! Add seamless or supported tempered glass for great aesthetics and even better ball play!


Sport Resource Group’s Dividers– the perfect solution to youth hockey organizations instituting USA Hockey’s Cross Ice Hockey Program, soccer groups looking for “small field” games, ice rinks looking to separate hockey players from figure skaters or any organizations which want even, consistant play on both sides of the same divider. Also can be used to stack against boards and teach safe checking techniques, adult 3-on-3 hockey or soccer. Don’t sacrafice quality when selecting dividers for your organization.

  • Mini Mite Dividers are 12” high x 8” wide x 120” long; weight 11 lbs. each
  • Major Dividers are 22” high x 12” wide x 120” long; weight 27 lbs. each
  • Pro Dividers are 42” high x 18” wide” x 120” long; weight 57 lbs. each
  • 100% portable – users carry on and off the surface as needed set up in 5-10 minutes
  • Customers can choose between red, white blue or black color
  • Advertising options include clear plastic ad windows or custom screen printing
  • Each panel made with open-cell, high density foam and covered with a heavy duty, puncture resistant vinyl
  • Each panel includes wide Velcro strap and metal D-ring on front and back to attach to adjoining panel
  • Custom angles and curved panels for ends also available

Portable Boundaries

SRG’s Portable Boundary Systems – are the perfect solution to your recreation needs. Whether indoors or outdoors, the boundaries simply link together to match any size venue. Saving you space, time and money, they are ideal for youth camps, YMCAs, JCCs, colleges and universities, military bases, park & rec. departments and teams of any size.

Available in three sizes (12”,22”, 42”), portable boundaries are great for:

  • Indoor or outdoor inline hockey
  • Indoor soccer, football, or lacrosse
  • Backyard containment
  • Practice and shooting areas
  • Remote-control car tracks


  1. 12” h x 3” w (top) x 9” w (base) x 120” l; weight 15 lbs. each
  2. 22” h x 3” w (top) x 15” w (base) x 120” l; weight 30 lbs. each
  3. 42” h x 4” w (top) x 24” w (base) x 120” l; weight 60 lbs. each
  • Each panel is made of an open-cell, high density foam
  • Each panel is covered in a puncture and tear-resistant, UV-treated vinyl
  • Color choices: black, red, white, or blue
  • Custom screen printing and ad windows also available