Sport Resource Group is excited to announce two new soft foam gaga pit alternatives for camps, schools, JCCs, churches and others. The SRG Portable Boundary System (PBS) Standard Gaga Pit is 12″ high and the SRG Portable Boundary System (PBS) Major Gaga Pit is 22″ high. Each is made of open-cell, high-density foam and covered with a thick, tear-resistant vinyl. These gaga pits are made up of eight (8) 10 ft long panels – enough to form either a 25 ft x 25 ft gaga pit or an 80 ft straight wall (for floor hockey, indoor soccer or other sports).Soft-Board-Gaga-Pit-2b

Prices range from $1,495 (Standard Gaga Pit) up to $2,995 (Major Gaga Pit) + shipping.

Call or email Sport Resource Group at 612-584-3030 (direct) or 888-808-RINK (toll-free) for more details.

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