As spring finally starts to show up in many parts of the country (besides Minnesota, for some reason) people everywhere are itching to get outside and get active again. But what if you’re bored of the same old same old routine of popularized American sports? Check out what is on the rise in 2018 according to the Sports Planning Guide and maybe find a local league near you! 

Quidditch: Harry Potter fans everywhere will know everything there is to know about this magical and no longer fictional pass time. Teams across the country can be seen flying around on their broomsticks in their free time trying to beat the ultimate quidditch champion: Potter himself. Try using a box lax system to keep your keepers job easier! 

Ultimate (frisbee): Frisbees are cool again, and so is dropping out the name to make the classic laid-back sport seem a little more hardcore. A combination of soccer and football, ultimate is a non-contact, high-intensity for those of us who might not be as skilled with our feet. There even is a USA Ultimate League! Want an indoor league? MASL knows what ProWall can do for indoor sports! 

Pickleball: Tennis can be hard, so can ping pong. So why not combine the two? Long loved by those more advanced in age, pickleball is gaining speed with people of all ages and skill levels across the country. Played on a shortened tennis court with paddles instead of rackets, pickleball makes for a fun doubles challenge if you are into team sports, or an exciting one-on-one for those of us who are team-inclined. No net? Try playing over some PBS or dividers!