Sport Resource Group’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProWall? ProWall is a rotationally-molded plastic dasherboard system used to contain ice, inline, and floor hockey as well as soccer, box lacrosse, arena football, gaga ball, and more. It’s the same material you find on playgrounds that slides are made out of. It’s durable, can be used indoors or outdoors year-round and has the capability of remaining a portable system or installed permanently.

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What size system can I do with ProWall? What size system do you need for your project? Almost all of what we do is custom sized. Most customers have an ideal size they’d like to have and we are able to accommodate very close to whatever they’d like to do.

Will ProWall withstand the cold during the winter? For customers who want to use our boards for outdoor hockey in icy cold temperatures, we have ProWall ICE as the perfect fit. A special resin added to ProWall allows the boards to withstand freezing temperatures throughout the winter to keep the system looking and functioning at top notch.

How much is ProWall? ProWall sells for $65-70 per linear foot. Do you have dimensions in mind for a system? Take the length and width and multiply by 2 to get the linear footage of the system. Multiply that number by 65 to get an estimate on the cost of your system. Upper containment (netting, acrylic, chain-link) and shipping are additional.

I’m not quite ready to purchase ProWall. Do you have other products that I can use as sport containment? Yes! Our Portable Boundary System (PBS) is another great option. These foam wedge panels with vinyl coverings can be used indoors to contain soccer, floor hockey, gaga ball and more. Each wedge is a standard 10’ long but can be cut down shorter should you need a panel or two that’s smaller in length. You can also choose between 12”, 22”, and 42” heights in these panels as well as blue, red, black, and white as the color of the vinyl.

After I place my order, how long until I receive it? Our lead times depend on the product. ProWall gaga pits in a natural white color are typically a week or 2. Soccer, box lacrosse, arena football, hockey, etc. systems in natural white color are about 4-6 weeks leads time. ProWall ICE is 6-8 weeks out. All custom color gaga pits and systems in ProWall are 6-8 weeks lead time. All foam projects (dividers, portable boundaries, foam gaga pits) are 3-4 weeks lead time.