Many people think that ordering a ProWall hockey, box lacrosse or indoor soccer system is specifically designed and solely for that sport alone, when really it can have many purposes. The same ProWall of a Box Lacrosse, Indoor Soccer and Hockey system is used for many other sports and is compatible with the rigorous demands of each and everyone of them. You may ask “well aren’t those sports played in different sized arenas?” Some perhaps but the typical dimensions of a hockey rink are 200ft by 85ft which happens to be the same dimensions of a standard lacrosse box field and an indoor soccer arena. 

When ordering a ProWall hockey rink, soccer arena or lacrosse box, you are technically getting all of the above in one simple containment system. ProWall-Ice is our mold that is designed to better withstand the cold winter weather that we get here every year in Minnesota. When it comes to an outdoor Ice Hockey rink, we suggest our ProWall-Ice for peak performance, and just like our standard ProWall, ProWall-Ice can be used for sports other than hockey as well. Portable ProWall systems not only can be used as a containment system for just about anything but if you needed to change the dimensions for a certain event or sport, you can do so by adding or removing some of the straight panels as easy as legos. One ProWall system can be used for a variety of different purposes, whether that be different sports or as a containment system for a local event! Just like legos innovation at its finest will provide you with the ultimate experience with your next ProWall system!