Loveland Lacrosse has taken another step towards success by opening up a Summer Box Lacrosse League for Youth, High School Students, and Loveland Alum. Using the SRG ProWall they have created a fun and eventful first season summer box lacrosse league. Read the following article to learn more about the new Box! 



Like many other Schools and Lacrosse Organizations, Loveland lacrosse has hopped on board to own their very own box lacrosse arena, and according to many college coaches and professional lacrosse players, box lacrosse is extremely helpful in developing faster and better stick skills for field lacrosse. Due to the tight spaces and quick reaction time necessary for box lacrosse, players are forced to develop faster hands and become more resistant to stick checks when constantly checked in box.




To visit the Loveland Lacrosse website click the following link and learn more about their program and new box lax league!