The ProWall system is the most high end sport dasher board system on the market. It looks Great, it feels Excellent and it plays exceptionally well. An entire completed ProWall System enhances your players physical abilities and mental capabilities by the sheer sense of knowing that they are playing in the best top quality sports systems in the world.

Penn Yan Youth Lacrosse

 From the pros in the National Football League (NFL) and the National Hockey League (NHL) to backyards, schools, JCCs, and youth/minor amateur hockey associations, nobody produces a more diverse range of boundary systems than Sport Resource Group. If your system size must be limited, our versatile ProWall system is the perfect fit. The Panels fit together similar to a simplified version of legos and can come in several lengths. (8ft, 4ft, 2ft Straight Panels) With your choice of rounded corners or 90-degree square panels.

At Sport Resource Group your system is truly YOUR system, completely customize-able to your choosing down to the last foot, and give your dreams some color by choosing a colored ProWall system to bring on the team spirit.


Liverpool Lacrosse

Liverpool “Q-Box”









Loveland Lacrosse

Many more schools and lacrosse associations around the US have begun to invest in more box lacrosse leagues and arenas due to the importance of the skills learned from box lacrosse. Among some of the most recent systems built are; Pann Yan Youth Lacrosse, Liverpool Lacrosse, and Loveland Lacrosse. Coaches and organizations are beginning to understand the devopment of speed and precision within box lacrosse and how effective these stick skills are when it transfers over to field lacrosse.





It’s simple Box Lacrosse makes you better!

Box Lacrosse Is Booming In US Whether You Like It Or Not