Some of the SRG team had the opportunity this past week to go the Baltimore, MD for LaxCon: The US lacrosse convention. We were thrilled to be a vendor at such a large convention all about part of our bread and butter: box lacrosse. Our friends from Canada are no stranger to the box lacrosse scene, and have been practicing with indoor or outdoor arenas for some time now. Making for a much more fast-paced game, stick handling skills are extremely sharp when playing in a box. Many players, both amateur and pro alike are excited about integrating this box-friendly lacrosse model to the states. We are excited too; it sure does make games fun to watch!


At a convention this large, its nearly impossible to be all business and no play. SRG Chris was able to walk around and enjoy the convention, and even snap a few selfies with some lax legends!  Mingling with other people in the sporting goods realm is always a great time. We love meeting others who are just as dedicated and passionate about business, sports, and others as we are! 


We would love to extend a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at LaxCon this year and chatted with us. We cannot wait to come back and see how much lacrosse has progressed!