Another SRG informational video is up on Youtube! SRG Team members Kate and Mike gave Dean of Students, Josh Jansen of Creek Valley Elementary, Highland Elementary and Normandale Elementary, a visit last week to ask a few questions about Edina’s very successful Gaga Pits. They currently have a Gaga Pit at two of three of their elementary schools and are working on getting a third in the future!

Our main purpose for this video is to give people a sense of how their program or school can truly benefit from having a Gaga Pit of their own and what one looks like in action. Talking with Josh Jansen was a treat for Kate and I. You can tell he’s truly invested in the kids and prioritizes their time, education and overall development as students inside and out of the classroom.  Contradictory to the classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off stereotype of the Dean of Students, there is no question that Josh is extremely popular among the kids and has a great sense of humor and personality.

When asked about the Gaga Pit, Jansen replied “(The gaga pit is a) community building activity that gets a lot of the kids involved in a small area, so you don’t need a large space to have a lot of fun, and it’s also a very safe game.” Josh goes on explaining how they not only use the ProWall Gaga Pit for Gaga but they take it apart to build barriers and walls for other sports and activities such as hockey, for the kids to play in as well. Just like legos, our ProWall systems can be taken apart and put together in several different ways for the exact purpose that Josh explains in the video.



“Everyday at recess we probably had 60-70 kids playing all the time, forever and ever and ever…” – Edina Summer Camp Staff. 



“Kids enjoy it, and the staff can get involved with the kids.” – Josh Jansen

Click here to watch the video now!


Big Thank You to Edina Elementary schools and Josh Jansen for making this video possible and being loyal and great customers!