Long gone are the days of simple dodge ball and braiding bracelets at summer camp. Gaga ball is new, and it’s here to stay. Rooted in the Hebrew word “ga” meaning to hit, gaga ball calls upon the classic game of dodge ball while incorporating other favorites similar to foursquare or other playground favorites like tag.

All players must stand within a gaga pit beginning with one hand on the wall. After the ball is dropped, players chase the ball and hit it with an open hand trying to tag out the other players below the knee! Sport Resource Group creates a number of gaga pits for different camps, schools, and community centers for all children to enjoy. Using Sport Resource Group’s multi-use ProWall boards, the gaga pit is built to last through years of indoor or outdoor play, as well as being easily installed (and portable!) The wall itself can be installed with an equipment gate that opens directly at the ground, to ensure that children with all abilities are able to play and enjoy the game of Gaga! Youth (and big kids) everywhere are going gaga for Sport Resource Group’s Gaga pits.



Want a quick look into how easy it is to assemble your Gaga pit? Take a look at SRG president Chris assembling an official size put in just five minutes!