Leaving dodge-ball in the dust, Gaga Ball has taken a huge step towards greatness with the Gaga Pit. One could even say that the sport is far past greatness already. Popping up all across the U.S, Gaga Ball is becoming a well known activity for everyone to play, and when in the Pit the energy is exhilarating. The rules are simple, you can play with as many or as few people as you’d like. Everyone starts in the Gaga Pit and there are usually 1-2 balls in the Pit with the players. The goal is to simply hit the ball with your hands to tag your friends below the knees to knock them out of the game. Once you are hit you simply hop out of the Gaga Pit and start prepping for the next round (because we guarantee you’ll want more).

What does it feel like to be a king and legend at Gaga Ball? I don’t know because I’ve never won but ooooooh do I want to wear that crown. I’d imagine it’s something similar to standing on the rooftops of the Empire State Building and screaming “I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!” while the warm sun blazes through the clouds, the soft wind blows through my hair and all the people of the world bow to their knees before their king… The king of Gaga. But I mean who really cares about Gaga… right?

As Gaga continues to grow, more and more schools, camps and communities are hopping in the Pit as the 2017 summer unfolds. When a game grows like this so does the competition, so get ready for a stupendous, sweaty and solid game of Gaga because it’s coming for you!

Here are a few SRG customers and their new Gaga Pits up and ready for some action! Big thanks to the following;


Armonk Tennis Club, NY

Creek Valley Elementary, MN





High Ridge YMCA, IL

Seylar Elementary, PA





Lake Harriet Methodist Church, MN

Upper Arlington, OH


Barclays Elementary School, NY

Hatfield Township, PA