Liverpool “Q-Box”

Summer weather has officially come to an end! Now with chilly days, football, and hockey just beginning, it’s great to take a minute to reminisce on all the great times we had at Sport Resource Group! (Also, a great way to show some of the amazing sport systems that were installed over the summer for all the warm weather sport-lovers to enjoy!


Liverpool “Q-Box”

80′ X 160′ ft Playing Surface, Curved Radius Corners, mesh netting above ends and corners. 100% portable arena.


Sport Court Ontario



48′-8” X 92′-8” Radius Corners, Permanent Rink with concrete anchoring system. On Sport Court flooring, 4 gate-panels, netting with 40” corners. Natural White Coloring.




Painesville Dek Hockey



100′-8” X 50′-8” Radius Corners, 100% Portable Rink. Two Gate Panels, Over MS3 dek hockey flooring. 20′ ft high netting behind goals and all four corners.





Penn Yan Youth Lacrosse


127′-4” X 63′-4” Non-rounded Corners, additional ProWall Player Boxes. 6′-6” X 20′ netting behind goals. Chain Link boarding system, Anchoring System Permanently installed.




Street Soccer USA



71′-4” X 50′-10” 90-degree square corners, Portable Stand-alone rink system. Natural White color, no tool assembly system. Upper netting containment system (2 nets at 71′-4” long and 2 nets at 50′-10” long by 78” high each and all clips, with steel posts.




Lake Harriet United Methodist Church


Official Size 26′ X 26′ ProWall Gaga Pit, Natural White Color




Beaver Summer Camp



Official Size 26′ X 26′ Pro Wall Gaga Pit, Natural White Color, MGLK (Magnetic Gate Latch Kit for ProWall Gates).





Rochester Parks & Rec Mobile Trailer



Official Size 26′ X 26′ ProWall Gaga Pit, Natural White Color, MGLK