The Gaga Pit is a huge success at local school Creek Valley Elementary in Edina, MN. Physical Education teacher Anne Thompson says “The kids love the Gaga Pit, when the kids are outside, 30-50 of them surround the Gaga Pit ready to play!” Gaga Ball is a new and upcoming game for everyone to play, it’s entertaining, competitive and leaves everyone’s faces with wide smiles… Well the winners at least. The Gaga Pit provides the best possible playing field for Gaga ball and other activities alike, what makes Gaga so much fun is the rebound! Any player can dodge a ball the first time around, but are you ready for the rebound and angles that a SRG Gaga Pit provides? By using a hard plastic, SRG Gaga Pits provide a true rebound. Gaga pits made up of mesh netting and inflatable bladders can soften or deaden a rebound – eliminating half of the game and half of the fun!

While Gaga is extremely fun, with the SRG Gaga Pit it is also very safe! Sport Resource Group takes pride in our efforts to provide the safest environment possible while still having a blast. SRG Gaga Pits are made up of our patented ProWall® design. Using a low linear density polyethylene (LLDPE), ProWall is a molded, solid one-piece wall. Unlike wood, there are no splinters to worry about. Unlike cheaper gaga pits made of netting or inflatable pits, there are no areas for children to get their fingers caught. By using one solid wall, what you see is what you get – no dangerous attachments and no maintenance required.

Creek Valley Elementary is doing it right! We are proud to hear that the SRG Gaga Pit is providing so much fun and endless smiles. We love the ability to provide communities the opportunities to build and connect with one another! Thank You Creek Valley Elementary!


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