Sport Resource Group Film crew Kate and Mike are back at it again with more Gaga Pit action! Though this time they learn to think “outside of the pit” and discover a few new developmental games and drills to practice inside of the ProWall Gaga Pit system. We got to speak to, local award winning Phy Ed Teacher Joe McCarthy, who showed us some innovative ways to use the Gaga Pit over at Meadowview Elementary. In the video Joe explains a portion of the skill developing activities the kids participate in, in Mr. McCarthy’s class. These activities involve sports such as Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and more!

Meadowview Gaga Pit

Joe is a proud board member of the association MNSHAPE. “MNSHAPE is a school-based professional association that provides professional services and resources for teachers, organizations, and individuals who provide quality programs. MNSHAPE is dedicated to improving the skills, knowledge, health, and well-being of all Minnesota students.”

Click Here to visit MNSHAPE website

When speaking about the Gaga pit Joe says “This is adaptable, we use ours year round, we never take it in, its open to students and families year round. The Great thing about this ProWall Gaga Pit is its a great community event.” Meadowview has been sharing their Gaga Pit with the community since the first day they installed it, letting kids and families play and use it whenever! This truly fits our vision of what we want to provide for everyone across all communities, Building Walls That Bring People Together. Thank you for demonstrating what Sport Resource Group is all about!

“We’ve had [the Gaga pit] since 2012, so its been 6 years of year round temperatures in Minnesota which aren’t always great, but it’s held up very well in the last six years. We love it.” -Joe McCarthy