Soccer: the world wide phenomenon. The sport, the myth, the legend. Not the most formidable for year-round play if you’re used to harsh winters and heavy snowfall like we are here in Minnesota. The solution, however? Our ProWall sports rink creates a whole new world of opportunity when it comes to the longevity of the season by moving the field indoors. Using a patented interlocking low linear density polyethylene boards (scary sounding, I know), ProWall creates a strong yet portable barrier for all ages and skill levels. 

In short, ProWall is built strong to last through a number of different hits, kicks, checks, and fun. Want to divide up the field and run drills and play 3 v 3? Sport Resource Group creates foam dividers at 12”, 22”, and 42” heights to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to go pro, just starting your soccer career, or looking for a fun pastime, using ProWall and/or dividers, soccer can be made available to you even through the harshest of winters.   

If you’re not looking to stay indoors, or if you’re lucky enough to live someplace warm, ProWall can also be used as an outdoor system. Not sure if you want an enclosed field forever? No problem ProWall can be installed at varying levels of permanence. Another pro tip: If they’re not permanent,they’re portable!