My name is Mike Radecki, I’ve been playing and coaching lacrosse for about five years now. From the moment I took hold of a lacrosse stick I fell in love with the sport and community within lacrosse itself. Lacrosse for me, and I know for many of my friends wasn’t the easiest sport to pick up on. You have to learn the rules, functions and systems of the sport along with the largest portion of the sport, being able to handle a lacrosse stick. Athleticism wasn’t an issue for me as a lacrosse player, it was the ability to catch, throw and cradle with my lacrosse stick that really made things difficult. Blessed with incredible coaches and mentors I was able to get better every day, but it wasn’t until I started playing box lacrosse that gave me the ability to truly practice and master my stick skills. Unfortunately I wasn’t introduced to box lacrosse until my third year of playing lacrosse, but once I started playing box I was forced to catch and throw in tight spaces with only a second or two before getting checked by the defense man. Box lacrosse allows lacrosse players to improve stick skills immensely year round and evidently passing right onto field lacrosse. I heard one of my coaches in college the other day talking about how obvious it is when players come from playing box at a young age or even just for a season over the summer. As the sport of lacrosse continues to grow rapidly in the Midwest, more and more players will create competition that will only boost the drive for athletes to get better everyday. In order for this to happen there’s going to be a demand for more field space and box space, and the perfect solution to more box lacrosse arenas in the Midwest is one of SRG’s top sellers the ProWall Box Lacrosse Systems. In only a matter of hours the whole system can be set up and ready to play, both inside and outside. Young players everywhere will have the opportunity to become not good, but great lacrosse players.