Portable Boundary System

[separator headline=”h3″ title=”Portable Boundary System”] Portable Boundary System (PBS) panels made by Sport Resource Group are the perfect solution to your recreation needs if you are looking for a quick, easy way to block off or enclose an area in an efficient manner. Whether used indoor or outdoor, the boundaries simply link together through Velcro straps and metal D-rings to match any size or venue. YMCA’s, city or county recreation departments, colleges /universities, military bases and teams of any size have found the PBS to be the long-awaited solution to their containment needs.

Pricing and Details

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  • Available in three sizes – 12” high, 22” high and 42” high
  • Available in four colors – choose from red, blue, black or white
  • Typical panel length is 10 ft long, but any panels can be customized to a shorter length
  • Used indoor or outdoor with heavy-duty, tear-resistant vinyl cover
  • Perfect for backyards, gymnasiums, street hockey or promotional events
  • Screenprint directly on panels or choose advertising windows to increase revenue, thank sponsors or change message frequently
  • Each panel made of open-cell high density foam to cushion falls
  • Mix and match heights so you get greater containment in the corners or behind goals.

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[callout title=”Portable Boundaries” button=”Download PDF” link=”../wp-content/uploads/resources/brochures/PBS-System.pdf” buttoncolor=”blue” target=”_blank” buttonmargin=”12px 0 0 0;”]Portable Boundary Systems, by SRG, are the perfect solution to your recreation needs. [/callout]

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