SRG Netting Systems can be found from residential applications to indoor soccer centers to NHL facilities. Netting can be installed permanently or as part of a retractable netting system.


  • Choose from four types of netting: o NHL-approved 1.2mm Kevlar-coated nylon netting o Standard 2.1mm black nylon netting o Standard 2.1mm white nylon netting o Monofilament netting
  • Choose from rope-bound or tape-bound edges
  • Kevlar provides a fire-retardant coating
  • SRG Retractable Netting Systems are perfect for venues which require fast changeovers
  • Nets are suspended on 1.5” x 1.5” steel square tubing curved to match the corner radius of the rink.
  • Power winches raise and lower the netting in as few as five minutes
  • Horizontal and vertical netting systems available
  • For installation or release, the netting can be quickly and easily hooked or unhooked as required.
  • Hardware includes vertical hoist cables, steel tubing and pulleys

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SRG’s Netting is designed for quality and value. Choose from NHL-approved black Kevlar netting,white or black nylon netting or clear monofilament netting.