[separator headline=”h3″ title=”Dividers”] Sport Resource Group’s Dividers are the perfect way to divide rinks and fields for any sports. Use Sport Resource Group’s Mini Mite or Major Dividers to implement USA Hockey’s Cross Ice Hockey program or choose the Major or Pro Dividers to make smaller soccer fields or practice skills and drills.

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  • Available in three sizes – o SRG Mini Mite @ 12” high o SRG Major @ 22” high o SRG Pro @ 42” high
  • Available in four colors – choose from red, blue, black or white
  • Typical panel length is 10 ft long, but any panels can be customized to a shorter length such as 5 feet long for 85 feet wide rinks
  • Perfect for multiple sports due to heavy-duty, tear-resistant vinyl cover
  • Stack and place against boards to teach proper checking techniques
  • Screenprint directly on panels or choose advertising windows to increase revenue, thank sponsors or change message frequently
  • Each panel made of open-cell high density foam to cushion falls
  • Help maximize your rink or field’s efficiency

[callout title=”SRG Dividers” button=”Download PDF” link=”../wp-content/uploads/resources/brochures/SRG_Dividers.pdf” buttoncolor=”blue” target=”_blank” buttonmargin=”12px 0 0 0;”]The perfect solution for seperating players in different activities or creating small field games.[/callout]

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