4-on-4 Package®

Introducing Sport Resource Group’s ultimate training product for box lacrosse, the “4-on-4 Package”. One ProWall Box Lax System that has one end and two sidelines and one open end.

Pricing and Details


60’-0” long x 80’-0” wide – 20’ RADIUS CORNERS RINK MATERIALS INCLUDED:

  • 8 each 8’ Straight Panels
  • 8 each 2’ Portable Bracing Panels
  • NO Player Gate Panels (with 36” wide opening)
  • 8 each 8’ Radius Corner Panels (4 per corner)
  • 2 each “end cap” ProWall panels to finish off open sideline panels.
  • Leaves one approx 80 ft opening for players entry/exist into system
  • FOUR (4) 48” high x 96” long x .500” thick HDPE sheets for “back board” with clips between each
  • ONE (1) 78” high x 120 ft long black Kevlar-coated net
  • Hardware for connecting HDPE and netting upper containment.
  • Price: $9,850.00 + shipping (a $3,000+ savings!)

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